‘Spike Milligan: The Unseen Archive’

1 x 70″, Yeti Television for Sky Arts

I was hired as a Specialist Archive Researcher on this project during its funded development phase, tasked with documenting and researching the in-situ archive (paper, objects and audio-visual) of Spike Milligan, as well as logging, reviewing and digitising audio cassettes and VHS tapes.

The value of my work was mentioned by the director, Sebastian Barfield, in a Broadcast article about the film: 

“Development funding from Sky had paid for an archivist to catalogue the entire contents, and every item, folder, cassette, and photograph album was listed on a multi-tabbed spreadsheet. This became our map, allowing us to locate obscure material that looked intriguing… Cataloguing the archive at the outset was invaluable. I never felt I was drowning in material, because I knew what was there, and where to find it”.